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Malick Touray, The Gambia

From Serekunda, The Gambia Travelled to Mali – Benin, Nigeria – Agadez, Niger – Qatrun, Libya – Sabha – Tripoli –

Last Known Destination: Augusta, Italy

Queen, Delta State, Nigeria 

She paid about 25,000 Naira (117 euros; £83) to get to Agadez in Niger. From there, she travelled on to Tripoli in Libya, where she managed to find a boat to cross the Mediterranean.

Last known Destination : Cicily

Samba Kamar, Mali

Samba Kamar left home in Mali in 2013 after family differences, and then civil war, made life untenable. He travelled through the Sahara Desert to Libya bording a boat and was rescued in the mediterranean .

Last Known Destination: Sicily

Omar Diawara, Mali

Omar Diawara left home because of the war, with the idea of going to Libya to earn enough money to continue his education. He was kidnapped in Libya and put on a boat bound for Europe. Saved from capsized boat

Last Known Destination : Sicily

Your Aibas made it to Libya and reached Qatrun, in the south. But, after struggling to find work, she continued north to the city of Sabha.

Last Known Destination: Augusta, Italy