At all land crossings, a visa is required for non-ECOWAS citizens. You may obtain your visa either prior to arrival in Africa, in Ghana at the embassy of the country you wish to enter, or when at the border of the country you wish to enter.

Obtaining a visa at the three main customs points (Aflao, Elubo and Paga) is easy. Using a more remote post should be a simple matter, but you may encounter some small difficulties. Always be calm and pleasant.

  • Togo
    Aflao is the main border crossing between Ghana and Togo to the east. It is the only officially recognized customs entry point between Togo and Ghana. Other remote crossings are possible, but are more difficult. Beware when at Wli Falls that you do not accidentally stray into Togo. There are Togo security patrols waiting to 'arrest' unsuspecting tourists who cross this unmarked border. This arrest will lead to threats to be taken to the official entry point at Aflao or to jail until you pay an acceptable fine/tip/bribe.
  • Cote d'Ivoire
    Elubo is the main border crossing between Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire to the west. There are two additional customs entry points, the very remote post of Oseekodwokrom, and farther north, the town of Gonnokuram, on the road to Sunyani.
  • Burkina Faso
    While there are many informal points of crossing along Ghana's northern border with Burkina Faso, there are only two recognized customs entry posts. The main post is at Paga in the Upper East region, while there is a less used entry point at Hamale in the northwestern corner of Ghana in the Upper West region.