A concrete bridge constructed in 1922 in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District in the Central Region collapsed last Sunday at approximately 4 am.

A Kia Rhino truck heading toward Swedru from Asikuma caused the bridge to break down after it attempted to cross the bridge while loaded with timber beams.

According to Ebenezer Appiah Mensah, a former Assembly Member for the Kuntanase Electoral Area, the bridge had been weak for the past four years leading to its fragile condition three weeks prior to its destruction.

He claims to have made multiple appeals for the repair or reconstruction of the bridge but to no avail.

Mr Appiah Mensah added that a sign warning heavy trucks drivers to avoid using the road was mounted which the driver of the Kia Rhino truck failed to comply with.

Effects on neighboring communities

The break-down of the bridge has inconvenienced inhabitants of neighbouring communities.

The bridge which links commuters from Agona Nkum, Agona Odoben, Agona Swedru, Agona Nyakrom, Agona Otsenkorang and Kuntanase and other neighbouring communities on the other side of the bridge are now stranded.

Since cars are now unable to cross the road, passengers have to cross the broken portion of the bridge by foot before joining another waiting vehicle on the other side of the road.

To avoid this hustle, many commuters now take a longer route through Agona Odoben to Brakwa, Kokoso, Jamra and Benin to arrive at their destination.

Additionally, since the Askuma Odoben Brakwa District was aided by this bridge to facilitate the transport of its agricultural produce, its collapse has led to difficulty for farmers to transport their produce to Swedru and other neighbouring communities